• Lika contemporary tripod floor light with dual tone coloured legs
  • Lika tripod floor light contemporary design
  • Lika art-deco inspired feature floor lamp
  • Lika floor light locally sourced wood frame and fine chinette fabric shade
  • Lika floor lamp with fine linen drum shade
    LONDON 180
  • Lika floor lamp cosmopolitan design with fine Sienna veil fabric pleated over wireframe
  • Lika floor lamp with fine pounge pleated fabric over wireframe drum shade
    BUGHY 180
  • Lika floor lamp with elegant plisse drum shade and crystal glass beads
    BRILLO 180
  • Lika floor lamp wire frame construction fine stretch fabric for diffused light
    SINUA 180
  • Lika decorative floor lamp with Chintz fabric and hand layered design
    PT STOK 180