• Lika Italian blown glass opal pendant light
  • Lika feature ceiling mounted light Chintz fabric in a layered design
    PL STOK 100
  • Lika ceiling mounted feature light with pleated fabric over a wireframe
    UFO 120
  • Lika feature pendant light with fine pleated fabric over wire frame
    ELLISSE 145
  • Lika decorative pendant with chinette fabric diffuser and wireframe
  • Lika feature pleated fabric pendant lights
  • Lika XL pendant light powder coated bronze frame with parchment fabric shade
  • Lika large oval pendant design with fine pleated fabric over wireframe
    ELISSE 70
  • Lika large multi drop pendant light with fine pleated fabric
    PLIZZY 5.18
  • Lika large pendant light with fine pounge pleated fabric
    PLIZZY 90
  • Lika large pendant light made from Pongee fabric using a Plisse hand woven technique
    SP FAN 120
  • Lika feature conical pendant light with Chintz fabric in a layered design
    SP STOK 100-2
  • Lika XL triple pendant light 120cm x 90cm x 60cm
    SP BIRO 120-90-60
  • Lika large twin pendant light using Pongee fabric in a plisse design public spaces
    SP BIRO 120-90
  • Lika large pendant light constructed using a layered Chintz fabric design
    SP STOK 100
  • Lika XL decorative ceiling light using Pongee fabric and Plisse wrap technique
    SP BIRO 120
  • Lika conical hand made pendant light using a layered chintz fabric design
    SP STOK 80-2
  • Lika hand made pendant light made using layered chintz fire rated fabrics
    SP STOK 28
  • Lika large decorative ceiling light made from Ponge fabric
    PL FAN 120
  • Lika large ceiling mounted decorative light for pubic and breakout areas
    PL BIRO 120