Lika (lee-kah) Light is a young, dynamic manufacturer of decorative lighting based in Croatia.
Lika Light's production facility can be found in the town of Gospić, a mountainous region in the county of Lika (Ličko-senjska županija). Here they have full control over all aspects of manufacturing from the production of all shades, to all metal fabrication and finishing.
Established as an avant-garde creative force in Europe, Lika Light employs the latest fabrication and finishing techniques in crafting their decorative lighting. Coupled with this is their desire to source from a broad palate of “on-trend” materials so as to enhance their creations.
Lika Light specializes in large lighting structures for public areas, but also scale down these creations for use in hotel guestrooms, and corridors, as well as restaurants, bars, offices, and shops.
Incorporating the latest technical LED light modules, drivers, and controllers is also easily accommodated as Lika Light works with leading manufacturers throughout Europe.