Gran Hotel Montesol – Ineslam


The interior designers for this project chose pendants from Ineslam’s collection of polymer resin collection. The polymer resin has a transparent lacquer coating to increase its durability and longevity, ideal for commercial spaces.

This is an original light fixture collection, made of polymer resin with a transparent lacquered finish. The properties of this material allow for exceptional design in various original shapes as well as larger sizes. The elegance and transparency of the white finish always add a touch of sophistication.

The entire creation process of these fixtures is purely by hand. The internal structure is made of painted steel wire, manually coated with a polymer resin, which among its characteristics and principal advantages are its elasticity, resistance, and transparency.

This type of light, transparent and very resistant product allows for the kind of original designs and varied sizes highly sought out by today’s architects, decorators and lighting professionals.

The material will not discolour, maintaining its original colour as time passes.
The lampshade does not have any seams or needlework, which means more resistance and durability in the long run. This product is fire-resistant. The material has an exclusive protective coating, which makes the lampshade dust-repellent.

The item is easy-to-clean: simply use a damp cloth. The material is resistant, elastic and durable. In case of any minor defect, the surface can be repaired simply by applying the hot air of a hair dryer to the damaged area.

This product respects the environment, is nontoxic, and is also RoHS-compliant.