Decorative Plaster Lighting Collection

The Inesplast decorative plaster collection is an architectural line that can be adapted to suit different surroundings and spaces.  Inspiration for many of the fluid designs is heavily influenced by the great Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Working by hand with plaster allows the artist greater freedom to create energetic and sculptural creations that have a natural, free flowing expression which almost appears to bring these pieces of “light Art” to life. 

The material (Inesplast) allows finishes and effects to be painted onto the exterior of the lights to better harmonise them with other decorative elements in the design.

Ineslam “Light Art” designs are conceived and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain using a durable plaster mix to make them easier to handle and install.

Light sources can be LED, halogen, incandescent or low energy fluorescent, which allows them to meet many of the requirements demanded by lighting designers, architects and interior designers.

The wall lamps included in this collection are made of a special plaster mix that provides consistency and shape of design throughout production, and because of this high attention to detail make them ideal for contract environments such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

Inesplast has many advantages over other materials as they are non conductive, non flammable, not toxic and can be washed and maintained throughout its life.