Baulmann showcases Sandy at HiDesign Europe

Baulmann utilises the latest manufacturing processes to create intricately detailed lamp shades using natural sand.     

The technology, showcased at HiDesign Tenerife, allows us to produce designs that previously, could not easily be replicated using traditional metal spinning or mould techniques and now, with these innovative advances it is possible for you to realise evermore unique and detailed creations.

The example shows the intricate shapes and detail that is now possible using this technique.  The outer frame actually folds up inside itself at the bottom to create a double layer shade.

The natural sand content is typically around 90%, with the balance being a bonding agent so this luminaire would be made following the principles of a circular economy i.e. the components and manufacture are local, its durable and serviceable, and can be reused at end of life or recycled.

Later this year Baulmann will launch a full collection of “sand lights” but in the meantime, if you have your own ideas for a project, all we would need is a 2D (or better still) 3D file of the design, and from there we can provide production costs for an MUR and roll-out, it’s that simple.